The primary role of a project manager is to focus on the details of bringing together the various interdependent products to satisfy a complex or solution based release. This role focuses on coordinating the requirements, testing, and release schedules of other products so that they are available to work with any specific product that comprises that release. This role may also communicate any challenges or impacts on external products in relation to managing the internal dependencies. In general, this role focuses more on the details of the broad release and should participate in or lead any release related meetings.

The key is to the project manager role is to identify all items that need to be coordinated, managed, scheduled, and planned across a release. The responsibilities may include (but not limited to):

  • Ensuring requirements are clear across dependent project streams with a release
  • Ensuring requirements that impact other projects (internal and external) are submitted to the other products’ requirements lists or backlogs
  • Tracking changes to requirements and communicate impacts to externally dependent product releases
  • Ensuring the tasks associated with parallel and external deliverables are included in the project plan (build time, run time, merging, etc.)
  • Ensuring items released in a parallel branch are merged and tested into this release as appropriate
  • Ensuring technical guides and training are developed for the external functionality that must work together for this release
  • Managing the deployment of the deliverables to the test environment specifically ensuring that the external dependent items are available at test runtime
  • Managing the deployment of deliverables into production (e.g., ensuring all internal and external pieces are collected for distribution and the distribution occurs to the correct group of potential users and targeted locations)
  • Validating the release notes
  • Validating the release is operating as expected